Lojinx Ltd trading as Lojinx Digital Media (henceforth know as "LJXDM") agrees to provide the our clients with certain services in respect of a website hosting solution and technical support upon the terms and conditions set out in this Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Services provided

  1. Website hosting on virtual (aka 'cloud') server(s):
    • Reliable 3rd party cloud infrastructure (eg Google Cloud, Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, Heroku or similar)
    • Up to 100 GB bandwidth per month
    • 99.99% connectivity[1] guarantee [2]
  2. Website backup services:
    • Daily 04:00 (approximate) backups of website code & content to Google Cloud Storage or Amazon Web Services with 2 year retention
    • Daily 04:00 (approximate) database backup to Google Cloud Storage or Amazon Web Services with 2 year retention
  3. Server maintenance
    • Server(s) undergo weekly maintenance to ensure up to date system software, security and best-practice server application configuration[3].

Note: The services are based on an estimated amount of memory and storage appropriate to the website/application. Bandwidth will be charged at an overage of 10p per GB above the limit; regular overage due to exceeded bandwidth could lead to a required change of hosting solution.


Upon receipt of an issue report from the Client, LJXDM shall provide information and advice by telephone and/or email.

Response time

Response time for hosting solution technical support shall be between the hours of 0800 hrs and 2200hrs Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays). While rapid response outside of these hours response can be expected, it will not be guaranteed.

In the unlikely event of server issues, LJXDM shall use its best endeavours to respond within 4 hours, if not sooner, and, when appropriate, with an acceptable temporary workaround in place within 16 hours for any disaster-level situation.

Circumstances in which the SLA does not apply

Technical support shall not include the diagnosis and rectification of a fault resulting from:

LJXDM shall, upon request by the Client, provide Technical Support notwithstanding that the fault results from any of the circumstances described above.

LJXDM shall in such circumstances be entitled to levy Additional Charges monthly in arrears and shall be payable by the Client (together with value added tax thereon) within 4 days of receipt of an invoice therefor.

Performance acceptance criteria

Failure to achieve the Service Levels set out in Response time above may result in the Client requesting Service Credits as agreed between the parties.

Service Credits may take the form of a reduction in any subsequent fees charged to the Client or an actual refund of any monies paid by the Client to LJXDM. The decision on which form any Service Credit is to take shall rest with the Client.

LJXDM shall not be responsible for any connection between the hosting site and the Client unless LJXDM provided the connection as part of the agreed services.

For the avoidance of doubt, LJXDM shall not be responsible for any failure of the internet.

Last updated: 12th March 2017

[1] Where connectivity is described as the ability for the server to be reached via one or more standard protocols via the internet.

[2] capacity overload not included - extreme amounts of server traffic to client site may result in server failure.

[3] these security updates will occasionally require out-of-hours server reboots that may result in 10 to 30 seconds (approximately) of downtime.